Changes are in store for DDI this summer…

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It seems prices are going to go up for D&D Insider soon.  On the flip side, subscribers can expect more exclusive material.   Here’s the email I just received:

Dear Insider,
As a valued D&D Insider™ subscriber, we wanted to make sure that you were among the first to know about some changes to D&DI that will be coming this July.
Starting Tuesday, July 7, D&D Insider will debut complete sections of final, playable, Player’s Handbook® 3 material each month leading up to the book’s release in March 2010. As a D&DI subscriber, you will be the first to receive nine months of content totaling 102 pages available only through your D&DI subscription.
Each month, the PH3 content will be made available to you through the Character Builder and Compendium accompanied by a comprehensive article. You can read more detail about the debut content in Bill Slavicsek’s upcoming Ampersand column.
Beginning July 2, introductory pricing for D&D Insider will expire and subscription prices will change to reflect the increasing value and new content. Starting today, you have 44 days to take advantage of the introductory pricing before it is no longer available. As a current subscriber, you can extend or upgrade your current subscription to get the most value possible. To ensure that you’re getting the most value for your money, be sure to visit our FAQ to determine whether a subscription upgrade or extension is right for you.
The deadline for taking advantage of introductory pricing is July 1 at 12 midnight EDT.*
New pricing for D&D Insider beginning July 2:
$9.95 for 1 month
$23.85 for 3 months (save 20%)
$71.40 for an annual subscription (save 40%)

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