4th Ed. and dying

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Does this spell get used often in 4th Ed.?

Does this spell get used often in 4th Ed.?

 I would like to put some questions out there in reference to death in 4th Ed.  Is it easy to die?  Are DM’s finding that their pc’s are dying too easily when participating in “level appropriate” encounters?  Players, do you find yourselves facing the prospect of death often?  I have been slowly coming to the realization that the game as it is written favors the longetivity of characters, making it harder for them to die.  The concept of Epic Destinies seems to have been written with the hopes that a player brings up his character from 1st  through 30th, rather than forming a destiny for a newly rolled epic tier character.  The availability of healing surges, and the 3 death saves mechanic coupled with the fact that you have to go way below 0 HP to die make it more obvious, perhaps too obvious, almost to the point where this post and its questions would be ridiculous.  🙂

Yet throughout forums and other blogs, I get the feeling that total party are fairly common.  I want to know why that is, and what other players and DM’s are experiencing at their tables.  If the designers wish to chime in and give me their perspective, please do!  I look forward to reading varied opinions, as my mind is pretty made up.

Random plot hook of the day:  An abandoned tower a day’s journey from town has started emmiting some arcane lights in the middle of the night.  These lights can be seen for miles around, and since last week people have been mysteriously waking up in the middle of the night and walking toward the tower.  The tower had an arcane lock protecting it when the town guards went to investigate, and they were too scared to break in.  Adventurers are needed… help!

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