Creating character portraits with “Hero Machine”

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My post on SW d6 reminded me of an online tool I used to create character portraits for that game, it’s called Hero Machine, and it is extremely cool.

A quick dwarf I drew up for this post...

A quick dwarf I drew up for this post...

It’s a flash based application that starts you off with a generic “empty” pose, and you go filling it with layers of clothing, eyes, hair, beards, weapons, colors… everything.  They’ve added a bunch of stuff to it, like new weapons, armors, and companions, and it’s perfect for fantasy, sci-fi, modern, and comic book hero character portraits.  The only drawback with the tool is that you have to do a print screen to capture it and print it out.  So you have to import it into a graphics program of some sort.  So why are you reading this?  Go create your character portrait now at :

Oh…  they are perfect for use with the tokens from my tutorial! 

Bonus plot hook of the day:  A benevolent old dragon’s farts are causing the cattle around town to drop like flies.  He needs a remedy for his gas, found in a plant used by wyverns to build their nests.  “It only grows up there in the nearby mountains” you’re told.  Go find it and stop these nasty dragon farts!

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