A D&D Birthday party

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My birthday was a few days ago, but my job took me out of the country and I couldn’t celebrate with my family.  So Mrs. NewbieDM asked me what I’d like for my birthday when I got back, and I asked for a D&D marathon with the group.

We played yesterday from 12 to 8pm, but of course, pizza, jokes, kids, cell phones and everything else kept us from actually playing the full 8 hours.  It didn’t matter, a good time was had by all.  I also took a page from the mmorpg’s and made it triple xp weekend in honor of my birthday, so everyone was happy.

The coolest part was the suprise my wife had planned out.  She surprised me by having my 4 year old daughter come to the dining room wearing a newbiedm.com shirt, with the web address in the front and the map of my homebrew world in the back.  It was a very wtf? moment, and then she started handing out gift bags for the guys.  Brown paper bags with a portrait of their character on it, along with candy, a plastic battleaxe from a dollar store and their very own newbiedm.com shirt.  It was a really cool thing to do by my wife. ( She made the shirts so we can wear them at GenCon now in August, so if you see a group of dorks walking around with newbiedm.com shirts, at least stop me to say hello.)

Then the party’s dwarven cleric had prepared a cake topped with 2 boosters of D&D minis and brought it out to sing me the obligatory “Happy Birthday”.  That, along with the 2 boxes of minis other players brought me left me with 32 new critters to throw at them next time we play.  Not bad.

It was a great late 36th birthday.   Family, friends, D&D.  I don’t need more than that…  I do wish someone had taken pictures though…

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