“Make yourself a monster” day!

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Today is make yourself a monster day around the RPG Blogs, and while the NewbieDM is monstrous enough with this crazy beard I’ve grown (for no apparent reason), I’m instead guest blogging a self-made monster for another member of the RPG community.

Jeff Greiner, which many of you undoubtedly know as the host of the excellent Tome Show podcast, asked for volunteers in hosting his abberrant creation, and so here it is for your enjoyment:

Squach the Tome Host

Squach the Tome Host was just a typical sasquatch from the island of Sasquaton. He was happy roaming the wilderness and eating wild corn until one day, a deity appeared to him with a large volume in hand. With much ceremony the book was handed to the hairy beast and instantly he knew that he had an important task in life. He would host this book…this Tome.


Squach the Tome Host Lore

A character knows the following information with a successful Arcana check.

DC 20 – Squach was picked by the god of D&D knowledge to guard a magical book and it gave him magical powers.

DC 25 – Squach turned the magical Tome into a computer, now called iMac.

DC 30 – It is generally assumed that Squach is harmless and isn’t likely to hurt anyone. Likewise very little use has been found for The Tome beyond what Squach is doing with it. So generally people just leave him alone and don’t bother to talk to him for fear of being caught in an accidental blast of his voice.


So there he is.  I’ve been attacked by this guy and it’s not as unpleasant as it sounds.  You can always get your Sasquach fetish  groove on at The Tome Show.  By the way, Jeff’s next show will be Episode 100, and I heard he is giving away $1,000,000.  For realz.

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