Question – Should WOTC have also showcased Dungeon Delve at gameday?

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In the interest of full disclosure, I ask this without actually participating in D&D Gameday, as it was my kid’s birthday today…  But based on reports I’ve read around the blogosphere, the module “One Dark Night in Weeping Briar” ran waaaaay long.

If this is true, that there’s no way this adventure could have been run in 4-5 hours, I ask then, why not use the gameday to highlight both the PHB2, and Dungeon Delve?  Dungeon Delve is still fairly recent, and the 3-encounter format of the delves certainly would have been enough to fill the 4-5 hour time.

What say you, oh attendees of the Gameday festivities?  Should WOTC have used this to tryout their Dungeon Delve product along with the PHB2, rather than an adventure?  (With Skill Challenges no less, hardly the stuff of D&D 4ed newbies.)

My comment box is yours…

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