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A lot of people have written about this, but I feel I should jump in as well.  The Core Mechanic, an RPG Blog way better than this one could ever hope to be, has been hard at work self-publishing a book composed entirely of articles written by RPG bloggers.  Putting this book together has been a true labor of love for Jonathan, and all his efforts are coming to fruition. 

The book releases on the 23rd of this month, and will be available via Amazon, Lulu, and Indie Press Revolution for the low price of $22.95.  It has gotten the attention of several RPG industry names, including Wolfgang Baur, editor-in-chief of Kobold Magazine, who is writing the foreword.

I have seen the book, and it will fit on any gamer’s shelf along with any other RPG book you may have.  The 48 articles inside range from “Advice on Being  A Good Player”, by Tony Law at RPG Centric, to “Fun with D&D 4e Action Points” by the Chatty DM, and “NewbieDM Tutorial: Counters, Tokens, and Pogs” by yours truly. 

The cover of the book screams SteamPunk!!  Awesome.

The cover of the book screams SteamPunk!! Awesome.

And here’s where I want to get all sappy and personal for a second.  I am humbled and honored to be included in this book, because quite frankly, when I started this blog last September I thought I’d be at it for a week.  Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to have strangers reading and commenting on my writing about a hobby I enjoy so much.  I know I’m not at the level of any of the blogs on there, so it is truly a surreal thing for me to see my name on there, and for that I want to publicy thank Jonathan at The Core Mechanic, and anyone who voted for my article to be included. 

I urge you to pick up this book when it is released.  These are fresh and independent voices, this is writing by people like you and me talking about their favorite hobby, and it couldn’t get any better than that….

(…well… except maybe actually being in the book… :))


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