Newbie Dm’s Bestiarum Vocabulum – The Airship Pirate Captain

Posted on November 21, 2008 by


I am bored in a hotel room, reading a copy of Adventurer’s Vault, so bear with me.  I read the entry on airships and thought of pirates.  It’s late, so he may not be all that well designed, but a bad pirate trumps a non-existing pirate in my book… 🙂


He’d rather fight only if approached, hoping to take you out with his crossbow instead, while he inspires an injured member of his crew to keep fighting. If you do approach him, he’ll try to use his flurry on you, and risk an OA using his Pirate Reflexes to better position himself to shoot his crossbow.  He’s an intimidating presence aboard your craft if his gang boards your airship, and may even convince you into giving him what he wants without fighting…   Hmm… he needs some pirate minions… but not tonight…

Shiver me timbers, and let me know what you think matey.

Edit:  He is no longer elite, reducing his HP by half.  Should be a quicker fight…

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