Go kill a god in 4th Edition.

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So one of the big ticket items in Draconomicon is new rules regarding gods in 4th Ed. More specifically, rules for fighting and killing them.

The book includes stats for Tiamat, patron of chromatic dragons. The stats take up almost 2 columns on a page. Each head gets a stat block, along with the main stat block. She’s an ass-kicking, level 35 solo brute. Level 35! Off the bat she is immune to attacks by anyone who is not epic level. So if Charlie the 19th level fighter stumbles by bad DM’ing accident into her lair, he won’t get a hit on her. Sorry Charlie.

There is a thread at ENWORLD with one of the designers, where he confirms that gods are meant to be played with and killed in 4th Ed. Awesome.

Now it doesn’t mean that if you are high level, you can just barge in there and kick dragon ass. No. These are end-game quests that may take your entire epic tier journey to get to, because you have to meet certain requirements your DM would plan for you.

Here’s an example from the book on how a party may hope to kill Tiamat:

  • Gather Tiamat’s Eggs: One hoary old tome printed on
    basalt pages and bound in purple dragon scales describes
    a ritual called Fashioning Tiamat’s True Death. This ritual’s
    intricate recipe includes procuring at least one of Tiamat’s
    eggs, in which a newly forged weapon must be quenched.
    Multiple weapons require multiple eggs. If the weapon is
    used against Tiamat and draws blood at least once, the
    god’s essence is destroyed, not discorporated
  • That’s very cool. And what’s discorporated you ask? Well, it’s part of the new rules regarding gods.
    A deity becomes discorporated when it reaches it’s bloody value. Her essence escapes, and for a while cannot assume physical form. The DM sets the time the deity is discorporated, but it can last up to 3 years, during which time one can assume they are doing the quest detailed above to really kill her.

    All in all, I think these rules are great. A great epic way to end a campaign. I am hoping they stat out all the gods, because although in my campaign Tiamat isn’t the adversary, another god is.

    You can kill the gods.  What are you waiting for?


    I would love to read your thoughts on this… comment away!

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