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So I’ve been thinking about RPG’s, and what keeps drawing me back to them, and I think it has got something to do with me always being interested in acting and writing.  It is a hell of a creative outlet, whether you are in front of the screen or behind it.

I’ve been playing the same character for years now, since 2nd Ed. days, a dwarven fighter named Barundar.  He’s been around The Realms, he’s been to Norrath, Azeroth, and I’ve always enjoyed playing him the same way.  When LOTR came out in 2001, I had a geeky smile from ear to ear watching Gimli onscreen, because that’s the way dwarves are if you follow the stereotype.  And I played mine like that.  So I felt I was doing something right when it came to role playing… Not that playing a dwarf in any other fashion is wrong, but it’s just that I felt I was watching Barundar on screen.

As a DM, I value RP over battles, stats, etc…  My brother and I were playing DDM the other day, we just got into it recently, and he said, “It’s really the exciting part of D&D, the battles, without all the fluff.”  I had to disagree.

I ran a game last week where a lawful good cleric of Moradin and my brother’s unnaligned Rogue were debating the merits of robbing some magic items out of a few graves.  The discussion lasted a long time, in character and out.

That for me was way more exciting than the encounters.  That type of roleplaying is why I play.

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