5e Monster: Living Wall

April 21, 2015



The Living Wall… one of those… weird monsters that D&D is sometimes famous for, this one appeared in the game through the Ravenloft campaign setting for 2nd ed. It’s a section of wall made up of the corpses of creatures (read adventurers) it has absorbed and taken up as part of its structure. Above all […]

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Elder Brain for 5e

April 20, 2015



Here’s my version of an Elder Brain… a mind flayer city’s god-like center of attention. I made it a Challenge 22 legendary creature, with lair and regional effects. It spawns a brain golem, a challenge 5 creature with mind blasting powers as well as slam attacks. This can make for a dangerously nasty encounter. Let […]

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5 Monsters for your 5e game

April 17, 2015


A bodak wonders the Abyss in search of victims...

I’ve been converting old monsters from AD&D that haven’t seen the light of day as (official) 5e critters. My goal obviously was to get the core of what made these monsters unique to work within the 5e ruleset and monster design guidelines. Here’s what I have for you with this post: Dark Creeper (Challenge 1/2) The […]

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Couple of homebrew 5e monsters…

March 23, 2015



I went on a bit of a monster kick this weekend, only to see just how easy it was to take old AD&D monsters and turn them into 5e creatures. Here’s what I worked on… First, the Yuan-Ti Histachii. My version of this creature (a 1/2 Challenge monster) comes from the one found in the […]

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The 5e Overland Travel Montage

March 9, 2015



One of the things I’ve had to deal with in the 5e game that takes place in the 2nd Ed. era of the Forgotten Realms is overland travel. That map is huge! And there are quite a few empty spots along the way (one of the reasons why I’m switching to the 3e map actually, […]

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Rethinking Initiative

January 28, 2015



“You enter a room, the smell in here’s musky.  The ground is covered in a fine dust, and you can see footprints, along with a few drops of fresh blood.” “The creatures must have come through here. I want to roll perception, maybe to see if I hear something… 15… Anything?” “You do, you hear soft […]

NewbieDM Minicast Episode 14

November 12, 2014


As I prepare to relaunch the NewbieDM Minicast, this time focused on 5e, I am making the 14 original 4e episodes available as originally produced. In this, the final episode of the original run of  the Minicast, released in February of 2011, I was joined by Dave “The Game” Chalker, Editor-in-Chief of the Critical Hits website. […]

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