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Great article at Wizards’ that I missed

October 6, 2008 by


This is an article that Wizards posted in August, about a panel that they ran at Gencon.  it deals with the 4th edition philosophy, why things are, what’s coming up, etc…  I found it really interesting, especially because it completely validated one of my paragon tier ideas for my campaign world… There it is.

Why we play

September 12, 2008 by


So I’ve been thinking about RPG’s, and what keeps drawing me back to them, and I think it has got something to do with me always being interested in acting and writing.  It is a hell of a creative outlet, whether you are in front of the screen or behind it. I’ve been playing the same character […]

So I’ve decided to start blogging…

September 10, 2008 by


Why not.  I’ve started Dm’ing, so why not start a blog about it.  It’s my first time playing on the other side of the screen so to speak.  Except for a short stint as a SW d6 DM (great game, one that D20 owes a lot to IMHO), this is my first serious attempt at […]