3d Printing and Paper Minis

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As I wrote about before, I recently got into 3d printing, picking up an Ender 3 Pro on Amazon for less than $300. Since then, I’ve printed out minis and terrain and I’m slowly getting the hang of this interesting new hobby.

Check out what I cam up with… 3d printed supports and bases matching the shapes of my paper minis. I create an STL file using the image files of the minis, attach it to a base, and get it printed. It adds weight to the minis and makes them feel almost like a real plastic one. I call them 2.5 minis for lack of a better word.

I subscribe to PrintableHeroes’ excellent patreon, and he makes .PNG image files of his minis available, making this process even easier.

I think I’m done trying to print and paint minis, since painting’s not really my thing. I like the look of these paper minis attached to plastic, and plan to make more of these moving forward. This is great tech, and I am having fun with it so far. Here’s a sample of what I’ve printed:

Look at these initiative trackers I found on thingiverse, meant to hang on the DM screen.

How cool is that? Have you made anything cool for your game?

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