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If you’ve been following me or this blog for a while, you know I love creating things for my games. DIY has been a big part of D&D since the beginning, and I’ve always found that aspect of the hobby to be a fun one.

As I was planning my Tomb of Annihilation campaign, (reviewed here), I found that I had use for a daily tracker for the party’s expedition through the jungle–the hex crawl, and since one wasn’t provided, I went ahead and made my own.


It gives DMs and players a quick overview of what to do (game mechanics wise) for each day’s journey and provides spaces to track how much food and water was foraged, as well as tracking the weather. As you spend your days in the hot jungles of Chult, you can check off each passing day on the iconic devil face D&D fans know so well and curse Acererak’s name in the process.

You can find the ToA Day Tracker here.

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