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Curse of Strahd, 5e’s entry into the world of Ravenloft, finally dropped unto our game tables. I’ll be reviewing it soon, along with the Tarokka deck for it, but I thought I’d share some things I made or found for your Ravenloft game.

First, the Powers Check for Ravenloft, converted over from 2e’s Ravenloft: Realm of Terror boxed set. The Powers Check was a tool for DMs, useful in keeping their players in check from turning to evil while adventuring in Ravenloft. It was presented as the demiplane itself granting evil players small benefits, and punishments, every time they committed evil. As their evil grew, so did the rewards and punishments. The ultimate reward (or punishment) being the Lordship of a demiplane all to themselves (and thus turning the PC into an NPC).

I converted these for those DMs that may be planning on keeping their PCs in Barovia for a while.

Download the 5e version of the Powers Check

Next, the Living Wall. This is a monster I converted last year and put up on the blog. It just seems fitting to add it to this blog post now that Curse of Strahd is out. The original version was found in the 2e boxed set.

It’s a wacky monster for sure, but a memorable one.


Download the Living Wall monster for 5e. 

And finally, something a bit different. I found this youtube video, basically 2 hours of spooky haunted forest sounds. I think it’s PERFECT to play in the background… really softly, real subtle… as your PCs explore Barovia

That’s it. A couple of things to add to your 5e Ravenloft game. I’ll be reviewing the adventure and card deck soon.

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