5e Monsters: Korred and Froghemoth

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Continuing my conversion of older D&D monsters to 5e, here are two interesting monsters for you to use in your 5th ed. game: the korred (for low level play), and the froghemoth (made for higher level parties to face).

The korred are forest fey, fond of singing, dancing and nature. Thematically, they are close to druids, and are described as being extremely hairy, reclusive and not fond of outsiders entering their forest regions.

The korred first appeared in the 1st Edition Monster Manual 2. It was also the subject of an “Ecology Of…” article in Dragon 119, written by Ed Greenwood, and subsequently it was updated for both 2nd and 3rd editions of the game.


You can find my version of the 5e korred here. I made it a Challenge 1 creature.

Next is the huge tentacled walking frog known as the froghemoth. This massive swamp monster first appeared in the seminal adventure “Expedition to the Barrier Peaks”, and later would find its way to the Monster Manual 2 for 1st. Edition of AD&D. It has since been updated for 2nd Ed. and 3rd and in various third party products.

Incidentally, I only made it because Chris Perkins mentioned it on twitter and I decided to stat it up. Otherwise, it wasn’t really on my list of monsters to update to 5th, so thanks Chris!


Get the froghemoth here. I made this one a Challenge 15 creature.

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