5e Monster: Living Wall

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The Living Wall… one of those… weird monsters that D&D is sometimes famous for, this one appeared in the game through the Ravenloft campaign setting for 2nd ed. It’s a section of wall made up of the corpses of creatures (read adventurers) it has absorbed and taken up as part of its structure. Above all else Its ultimate desire is to kill the one that created it. Evil wizards usually create it to guard a location or object.


I was asked to try to make one for 5e, but when I read the 2e description I thought that it wouldn’t translate well (it has as many attacks as creatures absorbed, so it could attack like 15 times if it absorbed 15 fighters), so I changed some things for 5e and took some liberties. I also changed the alignment, it just didn’t really read as a Chaotic Evil creature to me.

So here’s my version of it. A Challenge 6 critter that tries to absorb you into its structure. It has various weapon attacks and can cast spells (to represent other adventurers it has absorbed). It has magic resistance, an illusory appearance, and if it absorbs a character, it gains its hit points.

Check it out, tell me what you think. Where would you put one of these in an adventure?

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