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A bodak wonders the Abyss in search of victims...

A bodak wonders the Abyss in search of victims…

I’ve been converting old monsters from AD&D that haven’t seen the light of day as (official) 5e critters. My goal obviously was to get the core of what made these monsters unique to work within the 5e ruleset and monster design guidelines.

Here’s what I have for you with this post:

Dark Creeper (Challenge 1/2)
The Dark Creeper made its first D&D appearance in the Fiend Folio for 1e. They live underground, like to steal and explode in a flash when killed.

Blindheim (Challenge 2)
This bizarre frog man also first appeared in the Fiend Folio. It has what are basically high beam headlights for eyes, and blinds you before it eats you. Perhaps one of the silliest D&D monsters for any edition. Oh Fiend Folio, never change.

Crimson Death (Challenge 4)
This undead creature first saw the light of day in 1e’s Monster Manual 2. It lives in swamps and feeds off its victim’s blood. It uses a fear attack as an attempt to neutralize its enemies first.

Son of Kyuss (Challenge 4)
This undead, another Fiend Folio monster, is riddled with worms which it seeks to implant in its victim’s brains to turn them into another Son of Kyuss. It regenerates and causes fear. It is pretty nasty.

Bodak (Challenge 7)
The bodak is a creature who as a mortal died in the Abyss and now roams that plane killing everything in sight. It has a death gaze it uses to kill unsuspecting victims with. This creature first appeared in the classic 1e module “The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth” and later appeared in the 1e Monster Manual 2.

I wrote a post recently where I shared the first few monsters I converted, find that here.

I hope you enjoy using these in your game, let me know if you did and how it went. Keep in mind that I have not play tested these guys yet, so if you want to send along a report, all feedback is welcome!

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