Update on the minicast’s return, and old episodes available again

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I’ve been swamped lately with work and a lot of other stuff which has cut into my free time, but progress on the return of the ENnie nominated NewbieDM.com Minicast is moving along.  I was looking for (and found) a way to host it on the cheap, and through a wordpress.com/feedburner combo, I’m doing just that… I spent $20 for extra storage and that was it.

So the feed is ready to go, now I really just need to generate content….

Having said that… I am making all the older minicast episodes available again, via the same feed which will house the new episodes once they start rolling out. My plan is to make all 14 older episodes available, and launch the 5e version of the podcast with Episode 15. Here’s the feed, put it in Itunes, or your favorite podcast delivery app… http://feeds.feedburner.com/Newbiedmminicast

And speaking of itunes, I’ve already submitted the podcast to the itunes store, so I should be hearing back from them soon.


Please, if you want to participate in the minicast, the number to call is 305-349-3026. It’s a voicemail line where you can leave your 5e DMing questions and I’l feature them on the show. There’s no show without the community’s participation. 🙂

So again, subscribe to this feed enjoy all the older episodes which centered on 4e, and be on the lookout for the new 5e episodes coming soon..


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