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The GAMA Trade Show is currently taking place in Vegas (where Greg Leeds, WOTC CEO is the keynote speaker), and some news regarding D&D 5th Ed. came out following WOTC’s presentation. No mention was made of a release date or price point, ignoring what we all know was leaked from the Barnes and Noble website, but WOTC did confirm a Beginner’s Box and a PHB. So yeah, Barnes and Noble’s information was basically spot on… Here’s the information made public today (keep in mind WOTC asked that no pictures be taken):

  • Beginner’s Box Set that will launch before anything else does. Described as “gorgeous” and “closer to 4e starter box than the Pathfinder box” by @imboardgameson twitter.
  • The “guiding light” through the design of 5e has been “What would Gary and Dave do?”
  • PHB has a beholder on the cover (I’ll assume there are also adventurers kicking this beholder’s ass on the cover)
  • MM has a Fire Giant on the cover
  • DMG has Drow and an Underdark fight scene on the cover, its focus is locations, scenes and magic items
  • No multiple PHBs
  • 4e will remain available as long as people want it

So there you go, a bit of news on D&D. No release dates or price points, but at least we know we are getting the three books and a boxed set. And people have already seen all four of these items. It’s coming folks.

Oh, here’s my artistic recreation of that PHB cover:



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