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Here’s my attempt at a quick and dirty conversion of the introductory adventure for the 2nd Edition Revised and Expanded version of West End Games SW RPG, The Pirates of Prexiar, into the new FFG SW system… I am not going to reproduce the whole adventure, just the relevant bits. This isn’t just a blog post it’s also a mental exercise for me, and something to have handy in case I run through both adventures available for the FFG boxed set.  Pirates of Prexiar is available in West End Games 2nd Ed. Revised and Expanded SW RPG book, on page 174…

I have to say, the conversion process is fairly easy between the two systems.  This assumes use of the new FFG Beginner’s Box set.

Pg. 175 – Cutting Through the Shock Fence

To shut down the relays the characters must make an Average Skulduggery ♦♦ skill check.

If they have no tools of any kind, it is a ♦♦■ check. (Setback die added).

A despair roll deals 5 strain due to shock and permanently damages the tool that the pc is using.

Distracting the guards is an opposed Deceit vs. the guard’s Discipline ♦.  (Guard stats are taken from pg. 46 Aqualish Thug in the SW EotE Boxed set rulebook).

Climbing the fence is a Average Athletics ♦♦ skill check.

Pg. 176 – Sneaking by the Stream

To crawl through, each character must make an Average Coordination ♦♦ skill check.  Any threats rolled deal 1 strain. Failing the skill check deals 5 strain.

Pg. 176 – Other Ways Inside sidebar

Pole Vaulting the fence requires a Hard ♦♦♦ Athletics check.

Characters bluffing the 10 guards at the main gate, in order to get in  must succeed at an opposed Deceit vs. the guard’s Discipline ♦. This check requires a ■ setback die on the pc’s roll.  All 10 guards must be deceived.

Pg. 176 – Finding the Supplies

Roaming around the camp (perhaps from marked location on the map to another marked location) requires an Average ♦♦ Stealth skill checks from each PC.

Creeping up on sentries requires an opposed Stealth vs. the guard’s Perception ♦♦.  (Guard stats are taken from pg. 46 Aqualish Thug in the SW EotE Boxed set rulebook).

Characters must use the Brawl skill to knock out the guards.

The “Pirate  Sentries” become “Aqualish Thugs” for the purposes of this conversion.

Pg 176 – Blasting Out

Making it out of the base gate on the skiff requires an Average Pilot ♦♦ skill check.

The skiff provides cover from the firing pirates, so they must add a ■ to their attack rolls vs. the pcs.

Standard rules for piloting a vehicle apply, using the Pilot skill. Pirate stats are taken from pg. 46 Aqualish Thug in the SW EotE Boxed set rulebook

Pg. 178 – Hey What’s In These Crates?

Have the pilot make a few Average Pilot ♦♦ skill checks.

Three of the six crates contain medpacs, for a total of 6 medpacks. Medpacks grant a □ Boost die per the rules on page 35 of the SW: EotE rulebook to a Medicine check.

The Light Repeating Blaster in WEG’s book gets replaced by a Heavy Repeating Blaster (page 31 SW: EotE rulebook), as there is no Light Repeating Blaster stat available from FFG.

Pg. 178 – The Hunt Begins

Out maneuvering the pirates requires an Average Pilot ♦♦ skill check.

To keep up, the pirate’s must win an Average Pilot ♦♦ skill competitive check (page 9, SW EotE rulebook).

The pirate speeder bikes use the Speeder Bike entry in page 42 of the SW: EotE rulebook.

The skiff is tricky as there is no skiff yet in the SW EotE game, so we have to improvise a stat block…

Vehicle Type: Skiff

  • Silhouette: 2
  • Speed: 2
  • Handling: 0
  • Defense: 0
  • Armor: 0
  • Hull Trauma Threshold: 3
  • System Strain Threshold: 3

The Skiff provides some cover from the firing pirates, so they must add a ■ to their attack rolls vs. the pcs.

Monitoring Pirate comlink transmissions require a Hard Computer ♦♦♦ skill check.

An Average Perception ♦♦ skill check allows PCs to notice two more voices on the comlink.

Pg. 179 – AT-PT Ambush

Characters can notice the AT-PT’s behind a tree by making a successful Average Perception ♦♦ skill check.

Firing Personal Scale weapons at the AT-PT’s is subject to the sidebar rules on page 37 of the SW EotE Rulebook, “Starships, Vehicles, and Scale”.

  • Vehicle Type: AT-PT Walker
  • Silhouette: 1
  • Speed: 2
  • Handling: 0
  • Defense: 0
  • Armor: 3
  • Hull Trauma Threshold: 5
  • System Strain Threshold: 5

Pg. 180 – Into the Thrubidor

One crate is loaded for every successful Average Athletics ♦♦ skill check made.

Pg. 181 – Flight from Prexiar

A successful Average Astrogation ♦♦ skill check makes it 10 rounds before they can blast off into hyperspace. Spending a  Triumph allows the PC to cut this time in half to 5 rounds.

Assume the Pirate ship is a Firespray System Patrol Craft (pg. 43 SW: EotE rulebook) and the PC ship is a Yt-1300 Freighter (pg. 26 SW EotE Adventure Book, Krayt Fang stats)

This was a quick and dirty conversion, like I said, and I’m still not extremely familiar with FFG’s system.  If someone tries it out, or has better suggestions, please post here in the comments.


Aaarghhh! I'm a Barabel Pirate Lord!

Aaarghhh! I’m a Barabel Pirate Lord!


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