Star Wars RPG finally announced (and the name bums me out…)

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So news out of Gencon today for fans of the SW franchise.  Fantasy Flight Games has finally released information about their game, and is even selling a beta version of the rules (for a hefty $30 price).

The first in what will be a series of three games set to be released in 2013, 2014, and 2015 is titled “Star Wars:  Edge of the Empire”  this game releases in 2013.  The other two are titled “Age of Rebellion” and “Force and Destiny”.

Wait!!! “Age of Rebellion” is the name of my Star Wars/Dragon Age conversion.  What the hell, FFG??? That name is taken!


The game will also use funny dice, as is typical of FFG rpg’s.  The beta rules released at Gencon include a sticker set to place over dice.

The book is 224 pages, softcover, and from what I’ve heard it is very slick.  The artwork on the site seems top notch too.

I’m curiously optimistic.  I’m not a fan of funny dice, as I like to use what’s already in my dice bag, but it is Star Wars so I’m interested… for now…

Here’s FFG’s page for the game.

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