Playtester profile interview about DnD Next DMing

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I haven’t really written much yet about D&D Next, but I will, but right now’s not the time.  I’ve given my opinion here or there, but I haven’t really reviewed the game or anything like that.  WOTC published an interview today with me for their playtester profile series… If you’d like my general opinion about where I think the game is and what it needs (from a DM point of view) check out the link.
Something I didn’t mention in the interview, which I think is worth mentioning is that I think D&D Next needs to provide DMs that came into the game via 4e with guidance on gridless playing.  If gridless is going to be a part of the game, 4e Dms need advice. it’s not fair to expect them to figure it out, after having played a game so dependent on a grid.

I will get to talking about D&D Next, I promise. 🙂



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