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EDIT:  Mike Mearls tweeted today that the board game is no hoax.  Does this mean that the 3.5 reprints are a go? Interesting times indeed.

“I’m just sitting here Watching the wheels go round and round I really love to watch them roll.”  John Lennon

Well, this certainly made for an interesting week in D&D land.  As you probably have already heard, Monte Cook is off the 5e team.  And to top it off, Wizards announced that the release of the 5e open playtest will be on May 24th.  Oh, they happened to drop that last nugget on the same day Monte announced he was off the team.  No, I don’t feel like that was coincidental.

Oh wait, there’s more. It seems the reprint wagon just got a little heavier, as these guys turned up on Barnes and Noble.  I’m a little concerned about these, and I hope that it won’t confuse any new players looking for “D&D”.

Oh, yeah, then there’s this guy. More stuff with the D&D label on it.  That’s a whole bunch of D&D!

So what’s going on?  We have 1e reprints on the way, 3.5 books with errata, and an old boardgame.  I predict, by the way, that we will see 2e reprints announced before the end of the year. If not core books then settings and boxed sets.

I think what we are seeing is that either Wizards has to make a number, and they are throwing everything they can at that attempt, or simply they need to raise more cash to fund a new edition and pay the bills.  They essentially (see what I did there) made 4e a lame duck when they announced 5e at the beginning of the year, so maybe they need to make up for some of the lost 4e sales caused by announcing a new edition.

I don’t fault Wizard’s for casting “Bigby’s Generate Gold”, businesses have to do what they have to do.  My two concerns are overcrowding the shelves with more D&D books that’ll just confuse the heck out of new hobbyists, and whether or not there’s a mad rush out the door to get 5e playtested, printed and in stores. I can’t help but wonder what Monte’s concerns and disagreements were about.

I am excited about D&D Next, I want it to do well. The WOTC guys genuinely care about the game, that much is certain, I just hope that corporate pressures aren’t getting in the way of creativity. That’s never a good thing.

May 24th can’t come soon enough.

Oh, predictions!  Since I was pretty spot on with my 5e prediction, let’s do another one.

I predict 2e reprints will be announced perhaps at Gencon.  This will include campaign sets and all that stuff that made 2e popular.  I also predict pdf’s will be announced as well.  The entire thing. The whole library.  Time to make some money.


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