Star Wars campaign idea: You own the Falcon

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Own this MF'er... Eh, Millenium Falcon MF'er I mean...


I’ve been jonesing to run a SW game lately.  Really, really bad. It isn’t going to happen… at home my players want to keep playing Dragon Age, and I’m running an online 4e game for some nice folks who seem to be enjoying it.  Regardless, I’ve been thinking of what I would run if I had a game, and the other day I came up with a concept that would be kind of neat… check it out.  So it’s set before the original SW, perhaps a few years after the time Episode 3 ends more or less… enough time for Tarkin’s Death Star project to be in full swing.  (Remember that we see the Death Star at the end of Ep. 3)

The premise of the campaign is that one of the players is one of the many people who owned the Millennium Falcon at some point, a ship that would one day become one of the most famous ships in the galaxy… Remember when Han bragged about how well the ship ran the Kessel Run? Well, he never said that *he* did it, only the ship. So who did?  The pc’s!

The campaign would tell the tale of how this group of PC’s would come to eventually lose the ship… And Vader’s obsession with the ship?  Well, turns out that we’ll learn why that is.  By the time of Empire Strikes Back, he’s pretty pissed to be running into it again…   I’m imagining the end of the campaign to be a strike on one of Vader’s pet projects… could be a prototype ship… a complex of some sort… anything… something he’s working on to get Palpatine’s attention.  It seems Tarkin’s Death Star is getting too much attention from the old man and jealous Vader is jealous. Also, Vader became a bit of a gimp in Palpatine’s eyes after the whole lava thing and he’s looking for redemption…

So the players would destroy Vader’s project X and in the campaign epilogue lose the Falcon somehow… sacrificed it, got captured, whatever…. the point is that the ship changes hands at the end of the campaign.  Her tale with these heroes is told and over.

Does it go to Lando? Who knows… it goes to somebody.  Do the PC’s die at the end, sacrificing themselves in a heroic act of bravery?  Maybe, who knows…

You have smuggling… early rebellion vs. empire stuff… Vader…. space dogfights…. Kessel Runs… what’s not to love?  Oh, and leave your “expanded universe is canon” stuff at home.  I don’t read that stuff and wouldn’t care if I contradicted half of it.




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