rpgKids Adventure Pack now available, and CNN.com featured rpgKids!!!!

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What a crazy week.

So CNN.com featured me on their Geekout blog talking up kids and role playing games.  Pretty cool for all of us rpg bloggers out there, they are noticing us and paying attention to what we have to say.  I have to say that being featured on CNN ranks up pretty high as far as cool things blogging has done for me.  Pretty exciting stuff.

Now, on to more important things…

The rpgKids Adventure Pack 1 is finally now available as an rpgnow.com exclusive!

Included in the Adventure Pack are four adventures that will take young heroes to far off places and pit them against fearsome adversaries.

  • The Curse of the Sleepy Mist – The evil wizard Geleron has released a magical mist that has put the entire town of Springwell to sleep. Can the heroes of Springwell defeat him yet again and make everything right in Springwell?
  • Trixie the Unicorn’s Rescue – The fairies of the Evergreen Forest need help, as their unicorn, Trixie, has been taken prisoner by the evil goblins of the Dark Swamp. Can the heroes of Springwell find her and bring her home to her fairy friends?
  • Rescue from Dinosaur Island – A group of explorers left on a boat to the mysterious Dinosaur Island but never returned. Can the heroes find them and bring them back home to Springwell?
  • The Pirates of Seaweed Cove – It seems pirates have been attacking ships off the coast of Springwell’s beach, teaming up with Shark‐Men from under the sea. Can the heroes stop the pirates and the Shark‐Men before everyone becomes too scared to go out on boats?

As expected, the pack includes all the maps and tokens you will need for your brave adventures.

It’s available for the low price of $3.99, a buck an adventure.

In case you don’t already own rpgKids, you can purchase a bundle that includes the core rpgKids pdf and the Adventure Pack for only $4.99, a savings of $2!

FYI:  There is a slight editing error on the pdf where I named the main town “Wellspring” instead of “Springwell”  in a few places.  I am correcting it, and will have the proper copy up soon.  If you’ve purchased it already we’ll send out a corrected copy.  Sloppy mistake on my part, &and I’m sorry. 🙂  Anyway, I’ve seen WOTC get a free pass with their “see page XX” errors… 😉

Thanks, and I hope you and your children enjoy playing!



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