Return of the Minicast

Posted on September 20, 2011 by


So once upon a time I had a podcast called the Minicast, and it was nominated for an ENnie and stuff…. and then… poof… it disappeared due to several factors.

Well, I want to bring it back.  So I’m ready to start production on Season 2 of the show… It’ll be the same format, just with a little bit more content as I hope to include both D&D and Dragon Age in each episode, while trying keep the same short durations (obviously a little bit longer to accommodate two questions).  The Minicast was always about no BSing around… just getting to the point and go!  It’s going to stay that way.

So I’ll hope former listeners will join us again, and new listeners like it enough to stick around.

For my peeps that took part in the first season as guests… you’re on notice, looks like I’ll need your help again!

The voicemail line is 305-349-3026, and you can find the show on itunes.