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This past week I saw rpgKids hit outside of the insular D&D community and blogosphere in a big way.  I was contacted by the popular BoingBoing blog to write an article about the game for them, and it led to many people picking up the game to (based on emails I got) rediscover gaming by gaming with their kids.  That’s awesome, as that was always the point of the game, enjoying this great hobby with your kids.

So a big thanks to the BoingBoing floks for giving me that opportunity to showcase rpgKids beyond my blog.  Also, another cool thing, a few creative types out there from the comics and film/tv mediums picked up the game and tweeted about it which was kind of weird and bizzare for me in its own right.

So today is my daughter’s birthday, and I had promised to release an Adventure Pack for the game today, but unfortunately I can’t meet my self imposed deadline for a variety of reasons.  I can, however, tell you that it is coming, sooner rather than later, and I’ll tell you what’s in the four adventures:

  • Pirates of The Endless Sea:  The heroes are tasked with stopping the dangerous pirate Captain Blackbeard, who has aligned himself with Sharkmen and together are raiding Wellspring’s boats of money and supplies.
  • The Curse of the Sleepy Mist:  The evil wizard Geleron is back, and this time he has put the town of Wellspring to sleep!  Can the heroes stop him, or is everyone destined t0 sleep forever?
  • Journey to Dinosaur Island: The heroes are hired to find a magical necklace thought to be found on dangerous Dinosaur Island!
  • The missing Unicorn:  A group of fairies as for the heroes help in finding their missing unicorn, who has been kidnapped by a band of orcs.

So there’s a good mix there of adventures of all types:  pirates, wizards, fairies, unicorns and dinosaurs.  The adventures will follow the same simple format as the “Frog Wizard” adventure from the rpgKids rules.  If you need help designing adventures for rpgKids, look at it like an episode of Dora:  We need to accomplish X, so lets go through encounters A, B, and C to get there.  It’s simple and effective for the age range that the game is designed for.

For those of you that have been waiting for the adventures, I apologize, but a bunch of real life has gotten in the way.  All I can say is soon, real soon.

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