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So as I’ve written before, my home 4e game is dead, my players have moved on, and it seems that for the time being there’s no more D&D for us.  So, without playing D&D, there’s not much I can write about D&D, right?  Well, that’s true to an extent… I am still going to be DM’ing other stuff, and well, there are many lessons learned in  running any type of game that I can learn and pass along to those of you that’ll stick with the blog.  I know that many of you come here for 4e specific stuff, and well, I’m sorry but there may be a lull in that content.

It doesn’t mean that I’m done gaming, no… far from.  We are jumping head first unto Dragon Age, a system that I’m growing to like more and more.  If you’ll join me on the Dragon Age ride, I’ll try to do with it what I did with 4e when I first launched this site over two years ago:  help new DM’s out there with their games.  I’ll be a  Newbie DM all over again, exciting!  I’ve also become a contributor at a Dragon Age site called “The Dragon Age Oracle“, so look for content there as well.

There’s also a sporadic Star Wars Saga Edition game that I’m running every now and then, of which I’ll try to write a bit more about.  Oh, and there’s a little thing in my head that won’t go away, a Star Wars conversion using the Dragon Age engine, which I think would be an awesome fit.  Look for some initial thoughts on that soon.

Also, the podcasts I’m involved in aren’t going anywhere.  Look for more episodes of the Newbiedm.com Minicast, and The Dungeon Master Guys soon.  (I’ll remind you of the voicemail number for both shows:  305-349-3026)

So yeah, a bit of new direction for the blog, but I’m excited.  I hope you keep coming back for some of my stuff here.  And this doesn’t mean that my 4e related stuff like Home Encounters is going anywhere, in fact, it’s getting even better as we speak.

So while I’m sad that my 4e game has come to an end, I’m excited at the new direction my gaming is going in, and I hope you stick around.


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