Essentially speaking, I’m going back to basics…

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Aside from Gencon, I haven’t played 4e in a while, my campaign sort of sputtered and died, I’ve been dabbling here and there with Star Wars Saga, but not nearly enough to say I have a campaign going at full steam either.  I like that system, I really do, it’s a great game and I’ve always had a soft spot for Star Wars rpg’s… But I’m getting the itch.  It’s scratching at the back of my neck like an annoying bug, and it’s getting on my nerves.  I need me some D&D, and I needs my precious badly…

I am however, as the title of this post states, going back to basics.  When I get the group back (and I suspect  that it won’t really be a problem), I’m going to try to run an Essentials-only game.  I like the approach that Essentials is taking with 4e.  I like the lower number of races and classes (at least for now, lets see if we get an Essentials Shardmind) and I like the builds that have been presented.  It really seems like a compromise between the design philosophy of 4e and the wants of former players as to what the D&D classes are supposed to look like to them.  I don’t necessarily disagree with some of the arguments people make about powers, and some classes feeling too similar at the table.  Granted, a lot of the mechanical stuff can be covered up and painted over with a nice amount of flavor and roleplaying, but my group was never really the type to anyway.

So I’ve been reading the Rules Compendium just to freshen up on the rules a bit (after that huge wave of errata that hit 4e, I tuned out for a while) and I’ve already ordered my Heroes of Fallen Lands.  The DM and Monster boxes aren’t all that far away, so I’ll be good to go.  I’m actually excited by the prospect.  I love 4e, I have a great time running 4e, and Essentials looks like something I’m going to really get into.

What about you guys?  Are you excited about Essentials?  Is there still a bit of resentment out there towards WOTC for even pushing Essentials?

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