Has it been two years already?

Posted on September 17, 2010 by


Wow.  How time flies when you are having fun.  This week, September 10th to be exact, NewbieDM.com turned two.  I completely forgot that the anniversary was this week, and although it isn’t today I thought that I should do a small post about it.

It’s been fun, it’s been eye opening, it’s been at times stressful, but overall it’s been a great ride.  I’ve met some great people and made some really good friends, learned a lot about running a blog, self published a game, and have been nominated for an award or two along the way.  Not a bad deal at all.

So here’s to you, the readers.  If there weren’t people reading this, I would have stopped after a few weeks.   Thanks for keeping me motivated, and I look forward to another two years!


And now some stats, just for kicks.  It doesn’t hurt to look at stats once a year, does it?  🙂

  • 290 posts (including this one)
  • 447,466 page loads
  • Average of 15,016 unique visitors a month (based on a cookie)
  • 125 posts written with my hands full of pizza grease
  • 45 posts written while out of town for business
  • 3 times my wife has threatened divorce due to time taken up by D&D and the blog
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