Winter Lands tiles

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I was messing around on photoshop the other day making tiles I needed for my game.  These are a winter themed set, with a snowy field serving as the base.  Some of the things you’ll find in the small set include a bridge crossing over a frozen river, a temple out in the wilderness, and a mysterious hatch on the ground that may or may not lead to a dungeon.

This is the second set I offer for download, earlier this year I made a lava-themed set.  I am not an artist, so do not expect fantastic work.  I am rather amateurish at best, but I try.  The trees and other elements came from the great site.  Seriously, if mapmaking is your thing, check them out.

You can find the Winter Lands tiles at the download section of my site.  Feel free to drop a buck in the tip jar over there if you’d like.   🙂

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