Update on Home Encounters

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A quick update on my Home Encounters project, considering that yesterday’s post may have been a bit misunderstood and perhaps you think the project is dead…

There is behind the scenes progress going on.  We’ve determined the tier of play (it will be mid-heroic), we’ve determined a basic outline for a story that are now in the middle of polishing, and things are moving.

I have gotten a ton of emails regarding help, and I promise that I am not disregarding them, I will answer those that I feel like they can be helpful when the time is right for that.

So there, we are moving forward with this and when the time comes a more formal announcement will be made.  So yes, the idea is very much alive and work is happening behind the scenes.  Exciting stuff is happening!

FYI, right now the people working with me on this are Quinn Murphy from At-Will Blog, and Mark Meredith from Dice Monkey.

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