Running a 2nd Lvl. Delve at Gencon

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I decided to run a 2nd lvl. Chaos Scar adventure at Gencon this year.  Right now it looks like it will be Saturday at 2pm.  I have one player confirmed, and am looking for 4 more.

I would prefer 4th Ed. newbies, but it is not a requirement, but I’d strongly prefer it………

So, here’s the deal.  First come, first serve.  If you want it, leave a message here.  First 4 are in. Just make sure you leave a working email address.

Maps, tokens, & adventure ready to go...

I will have quite a bit of pre-generated PC’s with me, so there will be plenty of choices.  Watch this post, as I’ll update it with the pre-gens so those of you that are playing can start deciding which one you’d like.

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