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While it is a bit egotistical in my part to assume that anyone would want to hang out with me at Gencon, I have gotten several messages about joining games with people, or just going to have a beer with some folks.  I figured I’ll just lay down my plans for Gencon here, and see what happens.


I arrive late on Wednesday night, so chances of doing anything are fairly slim, although I am not closed to the idea of playing a late night game if possible.  I was hoping to get in on Chatty DM’s “Drunken D&D game”, but no dice, I land too late.


I have some interviews scheduled at 11AM with the guys from WOTC, both for The Dungeon Master Guys podcast, and this blog.

I  then have a little Dragon Age action going on with Quinn Murphy from the At-Will blog running it at 3pm, and also a Colonial Gothic game with Daniel Perez from Highmoon Media later in the evening at 9pm.


I am playing in Chris Sims’  Dark Sun game Friday around 12pm or so, and after that I’m hitting the Ennies awards at 8pm.


At 10am I have WOTC’s presentation.  I have to put my press pass to good use.  🙂

At 1pm I will run a 2nd level Chaos scar adventure for 4e newbies.  Probably in the ballroom where D&D is setup at.

At 8pm I have a Media Meet & Greet event lined up, to get to know other bloggers, podcasters, and so on.  Seems like a cool place to go and finally meet some of the online folks I’ve met these past 2 years of blogging.

if you have anything cool going on, let me know and perhaps I can swing by and sample a game or two, there are tons of games I’ve never played that I’d love to try out.

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