Gencon-bound thanks to the Ennies

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So I bit the bullet and bought a plane ticket to go to Gencon.  I wasn’t going to attend this year, but then I got nominated for the Ennies and thought that maybe I should be there to clap for the winners… 🙂

So what does this mean for you?  Well, I have a press pass for Gencon, so I have to put it to good use.  I intend to cover Gencon for those who have never gotten to go.  Through pictures, videos, articles and maybe a podcast,  I’ll try to  give you a good overview of what Gencon is like.  I don’t want to over promise too much,   because I do plan on having fun as well.

So is there anything about Gencon that stands out that you’d like to see covered?  if you’ve never been, what’s something that you’d really like to experience, at least through a blog?

Let me know, so I can hook you guys up.  The truth is that I’m really going because you readers made the Ennie nomination possible, so I have to give back. 🙂

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