Minicast Episode 11 released

Posted on June 25, 2010 by


I’ve released a new Minicast, where I’m joined by Jeff Greiner, host of “The Tome Show” and creator of the Temporary Hitpoints D&D blog.

Here are the show notes:

In this episode of the Minicast, I am joined by Jeff Greiner, host of The Tome Show, a long running D&D podcast.  Jeff is also founder of the new D&D player aimed blog, Temporary Hit Points.

Together we offer advice to a video game player looking to get his friends off the TV, and unto the tabletop world of Dungeons and Dragons.

You can reach the Minicast voicemail at 305-349-3026

The Wizards of the Coast quickstart guide is here, and my “Kobold Hall” New DM’s Starter Kit download is here.

The music for this episode of the Minicast comes courtesy of Kevin McLeod, at

You can find the Minicast on Itunes, or through its feed at

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