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Every so often I like to post links to neat things I find online that you can use in your campaign.  So let’s go…

Calendar Generator: I really like this tool, it’s basically on online calendar generator.  You tell it the name of your calendar, the name of the days and months, how many days in a week, etc… and the generator puts out a pdf of your calendar for you to download or print out at your leisure.  Very useful stuff.  Find it here.

Star Wars Cargo Hold Content Generator: I think at some point anyone who plays SW enjoys playing a smuggler and flying around in a Millennium Falcon type ship.  Well, those ships carry cargo, and if you need to generate cargo on the fly, check this out.  Just enter how much cargo capacity you are carrying, and the generator does the rest.  Find it here. BTW, that site belongs to one of the developers of the SW Saga Edition game.

Star Wars web site content: Recently, Wizards of the Coast gave up their SW license, but left behind a fantastic game with Star Wars Saga Edition.  They just pulled down all their websites related to the game, but someone managed to make a file of it all and put it up for download.  It’s worth grabbing if you play Saga Ed.  Find it here.

Gametable: I’ve been playing around with this program quite a bit, since it has zero documentation to show you how to do anything.  I have managed to get the hang of a few things, and I like it.  It’s basically a very simple virtual tabletop.  You can play grid less D&D on it, or if you prefer, it has both a square grid, and a hex one.  It has tokens, map pieces and other graphical enhancements to cook up a quick battle map.

I plan to write a tutorial in the near future for this.  For you Maptools lovers out there, Gametable removes a lot of the complex things built into Maptools.  I know that Maptools is more robust, but it also has more of a learning curve.  This is simpler, for more casual gamers I believe.  Get it here.

Fantasy fonts: Here’s a neat site for a bunch of fonts you can use for handouts and such.  These are mostly related to Lord of the Rings.  I love using handouts in my gaming, and you will too after you see these fonts.

Well, that’s it for now, enjoy!

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