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Another batch of 4e errata went live on Tuesday.  The document includes this statement at the beginning:

“We know some if you feel as if the update process has become too agressive. Rest assured, we hear your concerns.  The next few months will see a continuation of the current roll-out schedule, but after September and the release of the Dungeons & Dragons Essentials line, we expect to pull back the process.”

Well, count me into that group.  For me (and I speak only for my particular case) it’s becoming a bit much to catch up with.  I can’t imagine those of you out there without the character builder. How do you do it?

My group and I are not weekly players.  We are certainly not power players looking to build the best and most optimized combos.  My players don’t hit the optimization boards looking for that “broken” stuff.  The truth is that even though I have a D&D blog and what not, we are just casual players, with very limited time to play.

More importantly, my players don’t really care about erratas, updates, and clarifications (oh my!).  They just want to get together and roll some dice while talking smack and eating pizza.  For the past two years almost, I’ve been printing out the erratas, updating my books, cutting and pasting over my DMG and PHB and all that good stuff.  And now I’m still getting updates to the conditions from PHB1?

Nah. I think I’m done.  In all honesty, powers are going to be fixed in the character builder anyway, so I’ll jut pick and choose what rules updates I apply, if I remember to.  The new aid another rules seem good, as well as the 3d movement stuff.

At this point, 2 years in, if my players don’t really give a crap, and we don’t run RPGA stuff, why should I?  I’m not in this to be hassled with updating my stuff anymore as I have been in the past.  I’m in this for fun.  All this errata is becoming tedious for me to manage, when my players don’t even care about it.  And worse than tedious, boring, and boring is never good.

I do however, see the need for this for all you organized play folks, or those of you with a heavy play schedule and rules intensive group.  I actually envy you for being able to enjoy the hobby as much as you do.  I wish I could, but my reality is unfortunately different.

So to finish this itty-bitty rant, let me know when a fully errata-applied 4e rule book goes on sale.  I’ll just pick that up.

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