Setting the mood in a galaxy far, far away…

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I blogged about this before, last year when I thought I was going to start a SW Saga campaign.  it took a while to get it going, but finally tonight we are playing Star Wars.  I’ll be running it, taking a small break from my 4e campaign for a few sessions, and then just run both in tandem.

We have a smaller group, as not all my players are interested in playing SW, so I predict the night will go by a lot faster, not only due to the lesser number of people playing but because the system seems like a faster system overall when compared to 4e.

So yes, expect the blog to take a bit of a wider scope now as I play and run SW.  I’ll compare it to 4e, seeing how the systems are very similar, and I’ll share my real newbie experiences with it.

So the point of this post was to hilite some of the ways I plan to set the mood for SW.  I have a bunch of sound effects on my laptop that I’ve collected over the years, stuff like stormtroopers, ship sound effects, lightsaber hums, droid sounds, that sort of stuff that’s a click away.

The players entered a cantina?  I have a bar crowd sound effect mixed in with the cantina music.   The old SW computer games are a great source of SW SFX, as they can be pulled right from the CD-ROMS.

Obviously, John Williams’ music is the ultimate soundtrack to play while playing SW, and I may have that on cue as well, although admittedly, my players have never really been into sound effects at the table.  We’ll see.

I do plan to play them this video before we sit to play.  I created this in Adobe After Effects.  It’s the opening scroll to the first adventure in WOTC’s “Dawn of Defiance” campaign, playing on my tv.  Check it out, although the camera didn’t grab the colors too well:

So yeah, these are some ways I think I can get the mood going at a SW table.  Let’s see how it goes, it should be a fun ride.  Hold together baby, hold together…. 🙂

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