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D&D Encounters is an organized play thing Wizards is doing on Wednesday nights at game stores around the country.  On Twitter, they post certain effects that DM’s can grab and use at their table during the session.

While I am not playing in D&D Encounters, I thought it would be kind of neat to collect these and maybe see how adaptable they may be to my home game.  Maybe I’ll pull one out if a session is getting a little grindy or boring, or perhaps as a nice roleplay reward for a PC, or as a complication if I feel the situation warrants it….

Anyway, I make the first two weeks of tweets available here in case anyone wants to grab them for the same purpose.

  • A putrid stench wafts out of the sewer. Creatures starting their turn in or adjacent to sewer water squares are weakened.

  • Dozens of waterlogged rats pour out of the sewer. For the session, all creatures grant combat advantage to all others.

  • Psychic attacks have a cloying hold. PCs that score a critical hit on psychic attacks slow the target (save ends).

  • Holy energy infuses 1 divine PC. Once this session, a power used by divine PC deals +1d6 radiant damage.

  • An inspiring tune plays in the distance. Once this session, 1 PC can make a save against an ongoing effect or spend a healing surge.

  • You’ve prepared your weapons well for battle. For this session, PCs score critical hits with weapon attacks on rolls of 19 or 20.

  • Malevolent voices pervade the area for entire session. Any creature rolling a natural 1 is dazed until end of their next turn.

  • You’re overcome by a feeling that you’ve done this before. Once this session, 1 PC may use the same at-will power 2x on their turn.

  • A low hum issues from your weapons. For the rest of the session PCs can push an adjacent enemy 1 as a minor action.

  • Jeers & scraps of food rain from the tavern above. Creatures moving on the platform must make a DC 10 Acrobatic check or fall prone

  • An ochre-colored mist pervades the area for entire session. All creatures gain concealment.

  • Inspiring music drifts down from the tavern. PCs gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls until the end of the session.

If you would like to know more about D&D Encounters, check it out here.

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