The Minicast

Posted on March 10, 2010 by


I’ve decided to toss my fear of public speaking aside and go ahead with the launch of the minicast. As of now, it is active, with an rss feed, and an upcoming link in the Itunes store.

The first episode runs just under 6 minutes, and features Phil Menard, The Chatty DM as my guest. We help out a DM who asked about perception checks, and we talk about our upcoming podcast, “The Dungeon Master Guys”, which will be co-hosted by Dave Chalker ( as well.

A couple of notes on my minicast.   I hate my voice, I truly do, it irritates me. 🙂   Also, I don’t own a recording studio.  So if your complaints are quality/production related, I am a professional television producer when I’m not blogging, so chances are I’ve noticed what you’ve noticed and it probably irks me too.  So it is what it is.  And yes I have an accent.  It’s called Miami Cuban-American.  We don’t think we have it down here, or we like to pretend we don’t,  but we all do.   🙂

And about the length, it’s not meant to be a full fledged long show.  It’s quick, short, and to the point. Here’s the feed, which you can add to itunes.  I hope you guys enjoy it.

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