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I have two podcast related things to share with readers of Newbiedm.com today.  One is that Phil the Chatty DM, Dave Chalker from Critical Hits, and I are launching a DM related podcast.  The podcast will be called “The Dungeon Master Guys” and will focus on DM issues only, which means you won’t get the usual recap of the news of the week or anything of the sort.  The podcast will consist of good & solid DM’ing talk that won’t be dated if you decide to listen to an episode of the podcast again next year.  Right now its looking like the three of us will each present our own produced segment for the podcast, thereby giving you, the listener, three different topics per show.  We are also aiming to keep the show as tight and focused as possible.  As the editor/producer, I hope to meet my goal of not going longer than 30 minutes per show.  Given my professional background, that will not be too difficult to do.  I am very excited about this and can’t wait to let loose our first episode unto the community.  Look for it at the end of the month.  The podcast will likely be hosted at Critical Hits, and I’m sure you’ll read more from their end on that.

Taking over the podcasting world, one Ipod at a time. Or something less sinister maybe? I don't know...

Now to the second bit of podcasting news is the newbiedm.com mini-cast.  In between episodes of our flagship podcast, I plan to release newbiedm.com mini-casts, mostly running anywhere from 7-10 minutes in length, where together with a guest I tackle a dm’ing issue or question.  These will be less frequent than the Dungeon Guys podcast, and is meant to compliment it, not compete with it.   As I’ve posted about before, I’ve set up a voicemail number where you can leave your questions.  Keep in mind that the voicemail is good for either of the two podcasts, so if you’ve got something to share or have an issue or question, you’d like to hear answered, pass it along.  We’ll put you on the air!

The number is 305-349-3026

So there you go. The Dungeon Master Guys.  Solid DM’ing talk from 3 DM’s with different amounts of experience each.

Should be fun.

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