Couple of neat finds…

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Here are a couple of neat things I found that you can use in your D&D game.  Enjoy!

First, here’s a thieves cant dictionary.   Now  your Guildmaster at the Thieve’s Guild doesn’t have to sound like he came out of 2010.   Let’s Kimbaw the Cull.

Second, here’s a bunch of art from old books.  Use these for handouts, in-game prints or whatever else you think of.

Here is a list of medieval monsters, and monsters from ancient cultures.  This in combination with the monster maker could be fun.  Lots of familiar D&D monsters here.

Here’s an even better medieval bestiary.

How about medieval castle floor plans?

Here’s a map of a medieval monastery.

Here’s a glossary of town related medieval words.  I’m going to try and apply a murage to my site.

Medieval jobs.  Because not everyone works in a tavern, you know.

A little bit on medieval swords and other weapons. Because you still have to kill things and take their stuff in between roleplaying.

Gluckhous, a dice gambling game that you can play as a minigame at your D&D table.

Here’s a list of medieval names. If you can’t find a name here, stop trying 🙂

Regal names and titles.

Great, no… fantastic list of names.

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