rpgKids at play

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EDIT:  If you are looking for rpgKids, it now has a permanent webpage here.

So yesterday I pulled out the minis and tiles for another game with my 4 year old daughter.  One thing immediately stood out:  if you aren’t consistent with the gaming, the rules will be forgotten.

In her defense though, this is only the third time we play (and even I forgot a rule, and I designed the damn thing).  I made some videos so you can see an example of a kid actually playing… that’s her and I playing, with my 2 year old screaming in his booster seat as he plays with some other minis.

The story was a simple one, her party was sent to a Wizard’s lab to recover some papers, but a group of skeletons was waiting for them to arrive… here now is rpgKids in action at the hands of a 4 year old:

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