Volcanic Adventure Tiles

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I write this post with apologies to Paul King, from the excellent Kingwork Creative Blog.

The other day I was messing around on Photoshop trying to create volcanic Dungeon,- ahem- *Adventure*  Tiles.  It was mostly an exercise in learning a bit more on Photoshop, while also designing something I wanted for my game.  After posting a few samples, Paul King from the aforementioned blog offered to whip some tiles up, and he did, and they were great.  But that didn’t stop me from still wanting to practice on Photoshop, so I kept at it.

I am now offering them for download here, because there is a lack of free Lava tiles on the internet.  I apologized to Paul, because he also made the set he created for me available for download, and I feel like I’m somewhat stepping on his feet.  I hope it’s all good, Paul.

So here is my set.  Volcanic Hell Adventure Tiles.

Squares of volcanic rock from which your pc’s can either attack or be killed.  Use them with a Balor, Red Dragon, or a couple of Fire Titans to scare the crap out of your party.  Here’s a sample pic from the set:

There, between Paul and myself, we just saved you a couple bucks.  Enjoy.

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