The best 4e experience yet

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Fights take too long.

There’s no roleplaying.

It’s a videogame on paper.

Blah blahblah blah blah blahblah.

I had a wonderful time on Sunday night with 4e, and I feel like blogging about it.  Why? Because that session reinforced the true strength and selling point of 4e: simplicity to run.  I was asked to run a game for my friends on Sunday night, they were hanging out and felt like playing some D&D, so they asked me and I agreed.  They decided they’d make 7th level characters, so I went into the Wiki page for Dungeon adventures per level, and selected “Danger at the White Lotus Academy” as the adventure I’d run for them.  It was a 7th level one and it looked simple enough.  I didn’t get a chance to read it  because I was stepping out with my family all afternoon.

Why is that important?  Because I was able to sit in front of the adventure for 10 minutes, get all the important stuff, make some quick notes and run it.  The 4e stat blocks, a battlemat, & the tactics for the encounter are all that you need, quick thinking and a good imagination will provide the rest.

Not only that, but there were only 4 pc’s, as opposed to my regular 7.  Guess what?  We went through 4 encounters and a skill challenge in three and a half hours.  We were breezing through the encounters.  I didn’t even have maps ready! I had to draw them then and there… Were we playing the same game?  What the hell was going on?  I believe we  found the sweet spot.

"Madam, this man swears they did 4 fights in a little over 3 hours." "What? Destroy this liar!"

4 PC’s was such a joy to run, that I encourage those of you with big parties to try it.  It’s going to feel like a different game.  As another experiment, try picking an adventure from Dungeon and running it off the cuff, with little or no prep.  You’ll see it’s not that difficult to do.

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