Warstories: The Game Recap

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Here’s a quick thing I’m sure all DM’s do in one form or another, whether it’s via email, wiki, pen and paper, or some other form:  the game recap.  In my particular case, we don’t get to game as often as most of us would like, so as game recap is a great way to get the players up to speed on the events that have occurred in-game up to the current moment.

This is something that I’ve only implemented recently, but I’ve found that it helps cut down the 10 minutes or so of last-session questions and answers before we start gaming for the night.  Here’s what I’ve been doing… I’m building a document as a narrative of the previous game’s session, and I add to it at the end of the night.


A sample page from my recap document

Within the documents I’m adding maps, images, NPC quotes and other stuff directly lifted from the adventure I’m running, in order to make it more attractive and engaging to the guys.  The document is simply a word one, converted to PDF.  Very simple, yet effective.  I even noticed that there were some printouts at the table last time we played.   Everyone knew what had happened previously and we got right to playing for the night.  That’s the point.

Now, what kind of recap you give your players works best depending on your group.  Some groups and DM’s may prefer to write their own version of events on a wiki, using Obsidian Portal for example.  Others may use a Google Group to keep track of what’s going on.  Those are all great tools to use to keep track of your party’s progress, but in my case I’m using what I know is the best for us.  Knowing my players, I don’t think they’d have the time to sit there and dig through a wiki looking for campaign info.

So how do you guys recap your game?  Do you have any links to your campaign websites or wikis out there?  I’d love to see them, as I’m sure other Dm’s would as well.

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