Adding a new (third) dimension to Dungeon Tiles

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Today I have another post on Dungeon Tiles, following yesterday’s article.  This one will be short,  as I haven’t quite tested it out in actual play.  I posted a few pictures on my twitter account, which I’ll post here, where I try to add a 3d element to my Dungeon Tiles.  Next gaming session I plan to add this to my encounters.  Of course, it goes without saying that this requires the encounters to be pre-built ahead of time.

Could be a balcony?

Could be a balcony?

What I did was the following:  I bought some wooden spools at Michael’s, glued two of them together to create a column, and used poster putty to hold them down to  the tiles.  I then applied the same putty to the top to hold the second layer of tile in place.

Fairly easy really, and non expensive.  I’m really curious to see how the 3d combat is going to play out.  I’m toying with the idea of converting everything to cubes. A Blast 3 power is a cube that goes 3 in every direction essentially.  I think this may add a whole new tactical element to combat, and it opens the door towards way more interesting encounter areas and terrains.

We’ll see.  Expect a post on that experience as soon as I play again in a few weeks.  For now, here are more pictures, and if you have any experience with 3d combat in 4th ed. please share in the comments below.

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