NewbieDM turns a year old today!

Posted on September 10, 2009 by


A quick post to say that my little blog turns a year old today.  In all honesty, I never expected it to last more than a few weeks, given my lack of attention span, but here we are.

It’s my sincere hope that I’ve at least helped out one or two of you new dm’s out there in your games.  Dm’ing has been a learning experience for me as well, so I share your pain.

So yeah, a big thanks to anyone who has read, left a comment on or linked to one of my posts.  I really, really appreciate it.

I’m not hoping to one day work in the RPG industry or anything like that.  I like my job.  I’m just doing this to try and help grow a hobby I really enjoy, so here’s to another year!

Thanks again!


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